As part of the project, we have developed a survey that can assess people’s evaluation of wetland soundscapes. The survey will be designed for in-site and out-of-site evaluation, supported by an accompanying online platform and an Android application with geolocation features. Using the project’s documentation, in particular the Ambisonics recordings and virtual reality videos, the platform will allow for listeners to gain access to the wetland experience remotely. The Android application will available at no cost and will give users the possibility upload and share their soundscape experiences across various wetlands.

This research line is led by Enrique Suárez, with collaboration of Pierre Aumond (Guatave Eiffel University, UMRAE, France), Cristóbal Briceño (audiovisual work) and Mirko Gueregat (application development and survey design). Also collaborating to this work are Fernando Salinas (thesis student in acoustic engineering) and Leonardo Moreno (master’s student in the Acoustics and Vibration program).