Book presentation: TOURISM AND CONSERVATION-BASED DEVELOPMENT IN THE PERIPHERY. Lessons from Patagonia for a Rapidly Changing World. Published by the prestigious Springer Publishing House, USA. 2023, whose Editors are Dr. Trace Gale – Detrich, Line Director of Tourism, Ecosystem Research Center of Patagonia, Chile, Dr. Andrea Ednie, Dean (I.) of the Faculty of Education and Professional Studies of the University of Wisconsin, USA. and Dr. Keith Bosak, University of Montana, USA.

The book contains a set of 18 chapters, including several authored by academics from the Universidad Austral de Chile: Professors Cecilia Gutiérrez, Katerina Veloso; Andrea Baez; Laura Rodríguez and Teachers: Gabriel Inostroza; Adriano Rovira Guillermo Pacheco Paul Szmulewicz;

We are honored to have two of the 3 Editors on a visit to our University.

We invite you to participate in this Event and in a Dialogue between Dr. Trace Gale, Dr. Andrea Ednie and Dr. Felipe Otondo from our University, who are researching SOUNDLANDSCAPES AND TOURISM.

This activity will take place next Friday, November 17 at 7:00 p.m. in the FACEA multimedia room.

Later, the Folklore Group from the Universidad Austral de Chile will perform in the FACEA Gardens.

Here you can download a free version of the book.