On 13 Friday November 2020 a research symposium about “Creativity, Sound and Technology” took place at Universidad Austral in Chile. The motivation for this event stems from the research project “Sonic time-lapse method for putting in place the heritage of wetland soundscapes” funded by the Chilean Research Council (FONDECYT) (Number: 1190722). The main goal of the event was to enhance an interdisciplinary international framework for researchers and practitioner to show and discuss their work. Due to the Covid restrictions, the symposium took place remotely with an overall attendance of 150 participants. 

10.00 Welcome

10.15 The body as an audiovisual instrument
Claudia Robles-Angel

11.00 Speech and poetry as a source of inspiration for an acousmatic composition
Alejandro Albornoz

11.45 Can music generative models based on deep learning be truly creative?
Rodrigo Cádiz

12.30 Transducer-based interfaces – Two case studies 
André Mestre


15.00 Re-coding the Khipu: artistic perspectives based on sound 
Patricia Cadavid

15.45 Moving sounds: What do we perceive?
Federico Schumacher, Vicente Espinoza, Rodrigo Vergara, Francisca Mardones, Alberto Aránguiz y Valentina Aguilera

16.30 Collaborative interdisciplinary processes: Instalaformace as a system
Javier Jaimovich, Francisca Morand y Mónica Bate

17.15 The Soundlapse project: listening time
Felipe Otondo

18.00 End.