Bird detector new video

A new video showcasing the bird detector algorithm designed and implemented by the researcher Gabriel Morales was recently launched. The video shows various activities related to the design, implmentation and assessment of this novel approach to wetland monitoring stations. The…

Time-lapse out at dawn at the Parque Urbano

Time-lapse video with synchronised audio and video footage carried out at dawn at the Parque Urbano El Bosque wetland in Valdivia. 16 Oct. 2020. Field recordings: Cristóbal Briceño.

Video: Time-lapse algorithm design, Víctor Poblete

Summary of activities carried out by the project’s programming team developing the time-lapse algorithm led by Víctor Poblete. Assistants: Víctor Vargas and Diego Espejo. AV documentation Fco. Ríos.