During the project’s first phase, soundscape recordings were made in three urban wetlands around the city of Valdivia, Chile: Parque Urbano El Bosque, Miraflores, and Angachilla. The first kind of recordings that were conducted were 5-minute recordings, made hourly, every day, during a full year. These recordings were made with a Wildlife SM4 monitoring unit by acoustic engineer Rodrigo Torres. The main goal of these recordings was to produce and optimize time-lapse applications. The second kind of recordings were continuous, large-scale sonic documentation of those soundscapes using three different recording techniques: stereo, binaural, and Ambisonics (figure 2). These recordings were made during different seasonal periods and at various locations in the wetlands, producing a multifaced picture of their evolving soundscapes. Recording schedules were designed in collaboration with ornithologist Jorge Tomasevic in order to highlight the wetlands’ wildlife. 

Multichannel recording at the Parque Urbano Wetlands using three different recording techniques – stereo, binaural, and Ambisonics.