The results of the last stage of the “Soundlapse” project were presented at the Renewable futures conference in Oslo. The focus of the talk was the design and implementation of the sound installation “A Queda do Céu”.

Below you can read the presentation abstract.

Soundlapse: Listening to the Anthropocene – André Mestre & Felipe Otondo

What does a wetland sound like if you sit still and listen to it for a whole year? Would you hear the seasons changing or even the advances of human intervention over these natural soundscapes? This epistemological impossibility is one of the driving questions of Soundlapse, a project that documents vanishing ecosystems and sits at the intersection of acoustic ecology, technology, and sound art. In this presentation, we will discuss Soundlapse’s various research components and look at “A Queda do Céu”, an immersive installation that decenters the traditional timescale of human hearing.

As part of “Sensorium”, we wish to engage questions of related to the aesthetic apprehension of nature and the emerging ways in which we relate to our environment. We will discuss the dual sensing that becomes available through the extensive documentation and the algorithmic reconstruction of natural soundscapes: on one hand, a meeting with what is immediately present to our perception, on the other, a witnessing and measuring of change.