Visita del investigador André Mestre – LATe

Muy honrados y contentos de haber tenido como investigador invitado en el Laboratorio de Arte y Tecnología a André Mestre del Instituto SLATE de la Universidad de Bergen de Noruega. André nos presentó su interesante investigación sobre creatividad y aprendizaje,…

New article published in Ornitología Neotropical

Text that describes the monitoring process of the Dot-winged Crake Porzana spiloptera in southern Chile, an almost unknown species distributed mainly in Argentina and recently discovered in Chile.

Project findings showcased by Ladera Sur

News about the outcome of research involving bird recognition techniques developed by means of machine learning were showcased by Ladera Sur‘s Instagram account. Ladera Sur is an online portal with information and a variety of resources related to environmental science.

Bird detector new video

A new video showcasing the bird detector algorithm designed and implemented by the researcher Gabriel Morales was recently launched. The video shows various activities related to the design, implmentation and assessment of this novel approach to wetland monitoring stations. The…

Soundlapse featured at FECI festival in Villarrica

Various kinds of activities related to the Soundlapse project took place in the city of Villarrica on the 4, 6 and 8 October 2022. The activities were carried out as part of the FECI Science Festival organised by the Chilean…