Soundlapse project showcased tourism environmental event

Book presentation: TOURISM AND CONSERVATION-BASED DEVELOPMENT IN THE PERIPHERY. Lessons from Patagonia for a Rapidly Changing World. Published by the prestigious Springer Publishing House, USA. 2023, whose Editors are Dr. Trace Gale – Detrich, Line Director of Tourism, Ecosystem Research Center…

Concert in Scotland with wetland soundscapes

In the context of the “Encounters” festival, the work “Forest” by the prestigious composer Pete Stollery will be presented at the Kings Pavilion at the University of Aberdeen. The piece was composed using wetlands field recordings recorded as part of…

New article published in Ornitología Neotropical

Text that describes the monitoring process of the Dot-winged Crake Porzana spiloptera in southern Chile, an almost unknown species distributed mainly in Argentina and recently discovered in Chile.